About us

The “Exotic” Massage Studio offers Thai massage and erotic massage in Nizhny Novgorod

The doors of the studio of the erotic massage “Exotica” are always open for those who want to break out of routine, spend a pleasant time after a hard day’s work and experience what a tremendous pleasure it is to be in the capable hands of charming masseuse girls.

Sometimes gray everyday life, filled with work and family problems, “sucks” so much that physical and emotional relaxation is simply necessary. To once again feel the taste for life, to feel the joy of each day, we offer you an extraordinary special dope. Erotic massage, exciting and at the same time relaxing, inspiring and inflaming – that’s what you need!

Our masters perfectly master the secrets of euphoric bliss achieved by the most sensual and gentle touches, opening a gamut of new bright emotions. Each master is not just insanely fascinating, but he owns a unique style of massage that fulfills the wishes of the client, combining various techniques of easy relaxing and intense tonic relaxation.

In our salon there are a wide variety of programs with the participation of one or two masters. We can supplement erotic massage with exciting dances, frank pip shows or arousing lesbian show, flavor it with aromatic oils, foam and sweet touches of the lips of our most beautiful nymphs.

The erotic atmosphere of the studio, aromatic steam cocktail, light music, Jacuzzi and the enchanting beauty of a naked female body will lead you into a light trance, make you climb to the top of supreme pleasure.

“Exotica” is truly a paradise where you can relax from everyday worries, open new horizons of pleasure, strengthen your libido, get rid of any inner complexes and diversify your personal life.

Give yourself a paradise vacation with exotic erotic massage! We are waiting for you!


Program includes:

  • shower with master
  • relax massage
  • erotic massage (body-massage, lingam-massage)
  • tea ceremony (hot tea or coffee with master)

Duration – 70 minutes
3200 rubles (1 master)
5000 rubles (2 masters)

My lady

Program includes:

  • shower
  • lady show (madam show)
  • trampling
  • anal scourge
  • erotic massage (lingam-massage)
  • tea ceremony (hot tea or coffee with master)

Duration – 70 minutes
4500 rubles (1 master)
6500 rubles (2 master)


Program includes:

  • shower with master
  • relax massage
  • frank caresses for the master
  • erotic massage (body-massage, lingam-massage)
  • tea ceremony (hot tea or coffee with master)

Duration – 60 minutes
4400 rubles (1 master)
6800 rubles (2 master)


Program includes:

  • jacuzzi with master
  • relax massage
  • body-massage
  • erotic massage (unlimited relaxation)
  • tea ceremony (hot tea or coffee with master)

Duration – 90 minutes
5000 rubles (1 master)
7700 rubles (2 master)


Passionate and daring brunette.


Deliver an unforgettable pleasure. A guest who has been in her hands will want to come back again.


A true beauty. Experienced, charming and sexy. Lover of gentle caresses.


Sensual and gentle, with affectionate and strong hands. Deliver a deep pleasure and leave behind a languid memory.

How to find us


Call us: +7 902-304-34-34