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Face the hidden feelings!

You will relax your muscles, calm your mind,

recover your spirits and fulfill your natural energy.

We believe, if you visit us, then you will surely return again.


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You can purchase gift certificates for 1500, 2500 and 4000 rubles in our salon!


The man is given by the five senses, but only one of them allows you to understand each other without any words, and to implement the most secret desires.

Nothing can bring such emotion as tactile, a touch to the body of another person.

Joy, serenity, relaxation, compassion, love, passion...


But only during the erotic massage, you feel the true power of touch.

You may understand that our body is a continuous erogenous zone, and erotic massage allows you to experience the full palette of sensual pleasures. It's more than just intimacy.

Awakening the body, it can become a search for new sensations. Various techniques can help to relieve tension and to give an exciting thrill, raise the sexual energy, engage you in the world of fantasies and dreams at the same time.

Flickering candles, aromatic oils, gentle stroking, naked bodies sliding, sensual caresses and a languid touch of lips...

The ocean of bliss is waiting for you!

Relaxation in Nizhny Novgorod

The "Exotic" Massage Studio offers Thai massage and erotic massage in Nizhny Novgorod. You will never forget the relaxation, which you got in our showroom. The masters of our studio will perform you erotic and Thai massage, body massage at the highest level, diversifying your leisure. Spend time in our studio of relaxation and recovery! "Exotic" Erotic Massage Studio is always happy to see you!

“Exotic” Erotic Massage Studio DOES NOT PROVIDE services of an intimate nature!

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